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Kerrville Pet Sitters Is a small town, family owned company with a focus on custom pet sitting. Our goal is to a create a friendly environment where your pet can receive individualized, professional care in a home-like atmosphere. To us, pets are like family, and that is exactly how we treat all our clients. Weather you are away for business or pleasure, Kerrville Pet Sitters has all your pet sitting needs covered.

Our Staff

Scott Regan has been working in a manager position at Kerrville Pet Sitter for 3 years which includes overseeing daytime pet sitting activities at his home. Scott has a 10- year history working with rescue pets and has 4 rescues of his own.  He is comfortable with all aspects of pet care and specializes in rescue pets and Bullie Breeds. Scott is currently a psychology major at a local university here in Kerr County and a volunteer at Christian Assistance Ministries where his focus is helping community members with their non-permanent financial hardships in addition to hosting Kerr Counties Annual Pets of the Homeless Holiday fundraiser.

Julia Reagan has been working in the professional animal care field for over 8 years starting with Pima Animal Control in Tucson Arizona. During this time she also earned credentials in animal behavior, grooming, and handling.  Julia Is currently working under Doctor Cardwell at the Kerrville Vet Clinic and is in good standing. Julia is comfortable with all aspects of pet care but specializes in shy pets, pets with medical needs, and overnight pet sitting. Julia is currently a student at Penn Foster University. She is advancing here credentials in the animal  health care field.

Joella Brill has been working in the professional pet care field for over 18 years. For the last 5 years, she has served under Dr. Cardwell at the Kerrville Vet Clinic here in Kerr County. Joella is comfortable in all aspects of pet care and specializes in pets with medical needs, cats (ferrel or domestic) and overnight pet sitting.

Jasmine Berroth helps during holidays and other busy times of the year. Jasmine was born and raised in Zurich Switzerland and she has lived in the Hill County since 1995. She worked as a veterinary technician here in Kerr County for over 10 years and is currently a licensed and certified pet obedience instructor and owner of TRULY OBEDIENT. Jasmine uses only positive reward training methods and offers private training sessions in your home in addition to holiday pet sitting.

Going out of town?  Trust Us With Your Best Friend

Kerrville Pet Sitters offers premium, individual dog-walking services. We walk only one household at a time, and we pair you up with one consistent walker. Each member of our team goes through a rigorous background check, is bonded and insured and is trained to understand the intricacies of dog behavior. You can trust that your pup is in excellent hands!


Currently, we service families in the following neighborhoods: Kerrville, Ingram, and Hunt.

At our home care: basic option, 15 by 5 foot outdoor, covered kennel. Kennel is equipped with a dog house, clean bedding, private 25 by 25-foot play yard with doggie swimming pool - $17 per night for 1 dog. $5 per additional dog

We are proud to provide the Kennel Castle: 25-foot covered  kennel with insulated houses dig prevention technology,weather resistant, with heating and cooling option. $25 per pet per night. $5 each additional pet. Kennel rental includes clean bedding, 32 inches outdoor fan Private play yard and doggie swimming pool.

Our facility includes a private doggie room: 20 by 20 foot private room in our home with a doggie door to private 20 by the 20-foot yard. Room includes heating, air condition, fan, personal futon. Yard includes doggie toys, 32 inches outdoor fan, doggie pool. Someone on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Your pets are never alone. We are insured by "Pet Sitter Associates" http://www.petsitllc.com/ and underwritten by the R.B.S Scoby Group.

Kerr County License #-20536

In the state of Texas vet techs can not diagnosis medical issues only "treat and make recommendations"

Our crew of care providers can not administer rabies shots under state law.


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